PC and Mac versions of Green Globs & Graphing Equations, Relating Graphs to Events, and Escape!
Latest revisions to Updates page:  January 2, 2014, update of December 3 Green Globs Pkg.app.
January 2, 2014, versions of Green Globs Pkg, Escape, and Relating Graphs for Intel Mac's with OS X Lion and later.
No-charge site licenses for teacher centers, colleges, and university departments involved in teacher education -- see How To Order.
For email orders or international orders, see How To Order. For questions about the new versions, see FAQ

This is the original award-winning algebra and graphing software by Sharon Dugdale and David Kibbey, updated by the authors.

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Green Globs game
A screen display in a Green Globs game
Copyright 2008, 2013 by Sharon Dugdale & David Kibbey